Thursday, May 28, 2009

YA Characters on Twitter

Characters from YA Books on Twitter (Alphabetical by Author)

  1. Madison Macallister (Jennifer Banash's Elite Series) @madmacallister
  2. Casey McCloy (Jennifer Banash's Elite Series) @casey_mccloy
  3. Drew Van Allen (Jennifer Banash's Elite Series) @drew_van_allen
  4. Kirsty McInnes (Diane Curran's Bilby Creek series) @kirstymcinnes
  5. Luke Radcliffe (Diane Curran's Bilby Creek series) @lukeradcliffe
  6. Chloe Watkins (Diane Curran's Bilby Creek series) @chloewatkins
  7. Paige Andrews (Micol Ostow's Bradford series) @frontpaige
  8. Spencer Grace (Micol Ostow's Bradford series) @goldengirl1
  9. Regan Stanford (Micol Ostow's Bradford series) @california_chic
  10. Madison Takahashi (Micol Ostow's Bradford series) @madison_ave
  11. Jen5 (Jon Skovron's Struts and Frets) @kickass_artist
  12. Flora Segunda (Yasabeau Wilce's Flora series) @crackpothall
  13. Chloe-Grace Star (J.A. Yang’s Exclusively Chloe) @chloegracestar

*New updates in red.

Comment below if you have any to add or see any mistakes. You can also follow me on twitter @tweetingya.

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